“not remotely greasy”

I love the lotion! It’s really a cream, and has a great texture: thick enough to do some good (why even use that watery stuff? It’s worthless!), but not remotely greasy, and it absorbs well. I need to put something on my hands in the winter or I get those finger cracks, and I have tried a lot of things. I am really impressed with this. I am sensitive to scent, and always get unscented products. The unscented lotion has a very light citrus scent, but it fades quickly, is not sweet, and it light enough that it truly does not bother me.

Secret Ingredient

“Delicious farm product for body and for belly… the apple cider reduction made by Audra is a secret ingredient I didn’t know I needed!” Monica DiGiovanni, Montpelier, Vermont

“within two days the cracks on my hand were healed”

“After using many products trying to heal a troublesome spot on my hands in a Vermont winter I finally discovered the lotion bar. Within two days the cracks on my hand were healed. I have never gone back to the old products. One day when I was applying the lotion on my hands I decided to rub a little on my feet. I liked the feeling and continued to use it. Within days my feet were soft and not rough and it was very soothing to my arthritic feet. I like that the lotion bar uses all natural products and has no added scents that I find irritating.”  Nancy Edson, Middlesex, Vermont

“does wonders for my garden hands”

“I bought some Hampshire Hill Homestead Lotion Bars for gifts at a holiday market. Good thing I decided to keep one for myself! It was magic for my winter hands. It worked so well I searched it out. So happy I found more! It also does wonders for garden hands! With hand washing and sanitizing being a big part of daily routines, I am grateful to have my Lotion Bar. I give my hands their spa treatment every night—and they love me for it!” Brenda Greika, Montpelier, Vermont

“I’ve never liked the way hand lotion felt on my hands”

I’ve never liked the way hand lotion felt on my hands. It always felt greasy. Since Covid-19 hand washing, sanitizer and gloves my hands became dry , cracked and bloody messes . But your spa hand lotion has repaired that damage and it doesn’t leave that greasy residue that other lotions do , I work it into my hands thoroughly and watch as it soaks right in to the dry skin. I’m a believer .” K Casey, Montpelier, Vermont