Woodfired Boiled Apple Cider Reduction


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Our Cider Reduction is made on the homestead with Vermont apples ground and squeezed on our cider press and then put directly into our woodfired evaporator to be boiled down into a delicious and versatile delight.  Boiled cider was a typical way to preserve apple cider ‘back in the day’.  It’s shelf life is impressive (I have some from 2 years ago that is still perfect).

The flavor is so surprising.  Think of the tang of balsamic vinegar with the consistency of a simple syrup but the intense apple flavor of almost nothing else!

It can be used in so many ways; add hot water and a cinnamon stick for a cozy warm hot cider drink, drizzle over yogurt or ice cream, use like you would balsamic vinegar for a apple salad dressing,  add to muffin and pancake batter, drizzle over roasted vegetables or use to marinade your meats.


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